Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sulphurs Butterfly Videos

Sulphurs Butterfly Videos

In this picture we can see sulphurs butterfly while acting, the sulphur butterfly is staying at the d red flower amongs the plants and then fly, in the videos above we can also know the male or female of this sulphur butterfly, the yellow big butterfly as a tittle, we can see some beautiful pictures of it with HD resolution.

Honeybee & Sulphur Butterfly

As the tittle this video is so cute and interesting that is uploaded by STORMEDIA in YouTube channel, I like this video although the duration is less than 1 minute but it's quite good recording. As the tittle we see a cute honeybee perch on yellow flower and following by also cute sulphur butterfly alight on the same flower, it's quite beautiful scene.

Sulphur Butterflies

And the last video is about some many of sulphur butterflies laying on the earth/land and then fly around them, it's also quite beautiful moment of sulphur butterflies. Here they are some cute and beautiful videos of suphurs butterfly and if you wish you can click the full screen on the corner of each videos.

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